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1. Iridescent Inks

Appears to change colour when offered at different angles to a light source, giving a dual colour effect. Using a dark background colour, iridescent inks can be silkscreen printed onto the surface of containers.

2. Trans Coloured PET

Translucent bottle with a hint of colour.

3. Pearlescent Pigments

These contain particles that are essentially transparent crystals of a high refractive index. The result is a silvery lustre, an iridescent effect resembling natural pearl.

4. Super Hi Gloss

A co-extrusion blow moulding process which offers an extremely highly-polished finish to HDPE bottles, giving a high-quality ‘premium’ feel.

5. Trans Frosted PET

The bottle is frosted to give it a ‘smoked’, hazy effect, reminiscent of acid-etched glass.

6. Frosted PVC

The bottle is frosted to give it a smoked, completely translucent effect, similar to a piece of iced glass.

7. Visistripe

A ‘stripe’ is put into the bottle allowing you to see the capacity of product, or alternatively put in a contrasting colour for decoration.

8. Hi Gloss

Gives a shiny, polished finish to bottles and tubes.

9. Co-Ex Soft Touch

A co-extrusion blow moulding process that gives the plastic bottle a soft/rubbery feel.

10. Thermochromic

The materials reversibly change colour with alteration in temperature.

11. Acid Etched Effect

Using silkscreen printing lacquer is applied to clear containers to simulate the appearance of ‘acid etched’ glass.

12. Silk Effect Decoration

The ‘silk effect’ is achieved by a combination of lacquers. The effect can be created by a combination of dry offset printing and silkscreen printing, or just by silkscreen printing.

13. Co-Ex Glass Polymer

A co-extrusion blow moulding process using a PCTG outer with PP inner giving a clear-glass like appearance.

14. Metallic Finish

Achieved by a masterbatch additive of transparent crystals giving a soft metallic sheen.

15. Gloss Lacquer

A clear gloss lacquer which is silkscreen printed onto the product to give a distinctive high-quality appearance

16. PCR Bottle with PCR Label

A total PCR package. PCR PET and HDPE available at levels from 25-100% PCR with 100% PCR recyclable labels giving same high performance as non-recycled labels.

17. Foil Blocked Caps

M&H is able to produce foil blocked caps in a range of standard colours – gold, silver, bronze and purple. Custom colours and designs also available. These eye-catching caps will add a touch of luxury to any toiletries and personal care product.