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For 35 years, Oosterbeek has been market leader in primary packaging for a diverse range of industries. We not only supply packaging solutions for A-brands, but also for private labels. We are always in search of the latest packaging innovations and closely follow the latest trends.

Oosterbeek is part of a group of companies. Maer Flexibles specializes in flexible packaging solutions especially for pet food, sport nutrition and personal care. Alpha Packaging International is a manufacturer of PET and HDPE jars especially suited for the pharmaceutical, food supplement, personal care, chemical, automotive and food industries. The manufacturing plant is situated in Roosendaal, The Netherlands, where PET items are produced.


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Oosterbeek offers an enormous assortment of standard packaging which, in most cases, can be ordered starting from 5,000 pieces. Need some inspiration?  Then please take a look at our products or custom made page. Or maybe you would like some quick and simple expert advice? Please call us via +31 (0)24 34 53 563 or send an email to one of our packaging experts– we will be more than happy to help you further.

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Are you looking for a unique packaging solution – one that no one else has? Or maybe you think your packaging needs are impossible?  Fantastic – we like that! Because the word ‘impossible’ does not feature in Oosterbeek’s vocabulary.

Go ahead and challenge us! Feel free to contact us at +31 (0)24 34 53 563 or send an email to one of our packaging experts – we will be happy to help you further.

Please visit our partner page or testimonial page to read about what our suppliers and clients think about us.

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